Medical Air Services Association

Answering your family’s call for help!

When seconds count … Count on us!

At Home or Away From Home – World Wide Coverage

No Deductibles or Co-Pays – No Claim Forms – No Dollar Maximums

No Physicals or Health Questions to Join

                                … And More

Since 1974 and with over 1 million members, MASA provides full service for:

What is MASA?  … It’s The most affordable peace of mind you may ever buy!

MASA is not an insurance company. MASA is an association of over 1 million members providing critical, lifesaving and costly air ambulance and emergency services to our members since 1974. With a dozen offices throughout the Northern Hemisphere MASA’s reach is worldwide and help is only a phone call away. Vital for those who live, work, travel or play away from the major hospital centers.

Really everyone should have a MASA membership. Take a moment to look over our services and letters from MASA members. We hope that you too will experience the MASA peace of mind.

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Member Services

If you are currently a MASA member contact us for:




Fax: 1.817.491.1368

Mailing address:


1250 W Southlake Blvd.

Southlake, TX 7609

If you would like information about MASA and becoming a MASA member or to upgrade your MASA membership:

Call toll free:  1.800.809.5745

Email us at:

Fax:   1.866.435.8109

Mailing address:  


P.O. Box 1288

Veradale, WA 99037

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